It’s The New Year, But Are You Still Enjoying The Holiday Binge?


New Year Resolutions Are Meant To Be Broken…

Are you feeling too unmotivated to make good on your wellness New Year resolutions?  And are you putting off that first dreaded workout until tomorrow?  The good news is that you’re not the only one.  Like clock-work, each year begins with those “early adopters” who race to their local gym.  However, at the same time, many procrastinate by putting off their wellness goals until tomorrow.  Sadly, even those “early adopters” who first raced to their local fitness program often fall off the fitness wagon within the first 3 months of the New Year…  Why?

Firstly, the reason why most fail, as they embark on their new wellness journey is simply because of habit.  Inconsistency breeds disappointment.  Those who are inconsistent in any aspect of life can be assured of mediocrity and failure.  And the same is true when it comes to our wellness and fitness habits.  Despite the fact that many profess to make dramatic changes in their health and wellness habits, the reality is that, because a foundation of inconsistency exists, it is easier for these individuals to find excuses to skip out or put off their goals.


The Solutions Is You!

Often, most reach a point where they can’t stand how bad they feel or look before they will attempt to change.  However, even then success is not guaranteed, because it’s far more comfortable to avoid the sweat and soreness for mouthfuls of fatty or sugary goodness…  The power of change must be first a conscience decision of the mind; followed by consistent action.

That said, change is not easy and requires perseverance.  However, if you are a person who lacks motivation it may be a wise to get yourself connected to someone who will keep you accountable.  This may require investing in a coach or personal motivator who will encourage and motivate you to push forward.  Because a lack of motivation, along with inconsistency are two sure-fire factors that will lead to unrealized New Year resolutions.


5 Ways To Stay Committed To Your New Year Resolutions

  1. Decide –  Do something about your wellness today, do not procrastinate, because chances are you will never start
  2. Commit – Commit yourself to a wellness program
  3. Engage A Professional – Ensure that your wellness professional will consistently push, check-up, encourage and motivate you
  4. Self-Control – Don’t cheat because you only cheat yourself
  5. Spirituality – Focus on something bigger than yourself that can give you the support you need to stay on the wellness path, such as spirituality, faith or a belief in God.  Because, sometimes we all just need a bit more help!


Stay true to yourself this year! Develop good, long lasting habits!


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