A Cheesy Alternative

Many of us desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle and most even know that they really should be making better food choices.  However, the problem is that, despite having this knowledge most opt for convenience over health.  And in such a fast-paced North American environment, this excuse seems almost justified.  However, the choices we make, regardless of convenience, still either positively or negatively affect our health.

As former cheese addict, cheese was one of the hardest pleasures that I chose to give up.  But my reasoning for choosing to do so ended up being a rational one, based on my family history.  After witnessing the heart attack of my father and uncle, I decided that it would be the wisest course to remove saturated fat from my diet.  However, the dilemma was that if I removed cheese, what would I replace it with?

Luckily, I after a bit of research I discovered that cheesy and tasty alternatives did in fact exist.  And these alternatives have enabled me to overcome my cheese addiction and to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  One rule of thumb anyone to fight their food addiction is this… If we take something away from our diet, we must replace it with something of equal or greater value.  So for all your cheese lovers, enter the mighty cashew!   Enjoy the video below. =)

Derwin Johnson, Present Truth Fitness

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