Bad Breath: Surprising Facts

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BAD BREATH: Or ‘halitosis’ is a problem that plagues many more people then we think.  First thing to note is that generally the problem is not coming from the mouth.  It’s usually coming from the gut.  Digestion is key to optimal health, so when we can fix digestion, we can usually overcome most any health issue.  But especially in the case of bad breath.  If this something you are struggling with, here are a few factors you may want to consider:

  • DEHYDRATION:  Believe it or not, but a lack of water is one of the main reasons for bad breath.  We should be drinking enough water through the day so that our urine is a pale colour. Drinking BETWEEN your meals and not with your meals will help with digestion.  You should be drinking water and only water between meals, 1-2 hours after you finish eating and stop 15-30 min before your next meal.

  • ORAL HYGIENE:  Or lack thereof can be a culprit in bad breath.  Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day can prove to be helpful in eliminating bad breath.  As well, brushing the tongue is needed as it’s often coated with food particles and debris that really need to be ‘brushed’ away.  “Oil pulling’ can be helpful if you are sure the root of the issue is in the mouth.

  • CONSTIPATION:  Believe it or not, but constipation is a common cause of bad breath.  Your entire GI tract is connected, so when the feces are still in the bowels, the ‘scent’ will travel right up through the esophagus.  Sounds gross, I know, but it’s the truth.

“DETERGENT FOODS’ are helpful in cleansing the teeth and removing odor-causing bacteria from the mouth.  Apples & Celery are two great ‘Detergent foods’. Eat them often, chew them well.
Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth can help also.  Thyme tea has been found to be helpful in many cases.
Big full leafy green salads at lunch followed by fibrous cooked foods, such as beans, whole grains & vegetables and 2-3 fresh fruits in the morning with some who grains will help with constipation.


Source: Carolyn Nichol, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


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