Why Am I Bloated?

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If you are experiencing a lot of gas, but especially bloating in the stomach, it’s definitely something to address and take seriously.  I really believe that food is our medicine along with following the other natural laws of health.  If we are not digesting well, that means our body is going to have a hard time taking out the nutrients from the food that is there to help bring healing, nourishment, and repair.   Here are the 3 main culprits which directly contribute to bloating:

1.  Interruption of digestion

2. Stress and the vagus nerve

3. Candida 
For those that have seen the seminar we do on the 8 laws of health, you would know that we suggest only 2 big meals a day.  Breakfast and lunch without snacking between.  The reason for this is that only one thing can be digested at a time in the stomach gut.  So if the first meal you ate has not left the stomach to go into the small intestines (to complete digestion) and you introduce a new food item (yes, even a small healthy almond) digestion stops working on the original ‘meal’ and starts attacking the ‘new food’.  Since the first meal was in the midst of digestion and wrapped up in all those stomach acids, and digestion stops to work on the new food, a lot of gas builds up, causing bloating.  It’s best to wait until the stomach is empty before you eat anything else. We should be waiting to feel hungry before we let a new meal or even small food item into our mouths.  Liquefying the stomach while food is initially being digested is also a problem.  Always wait 1-2 hours after a meal before you begin to drink.  Then have small gulps of water (and only water) until you feel hungry again.  Once you are sure you are hungry, wait 15 minutes, then have your next meal……..WITHOUT WATER of course, just food, and then you begin the process all over again.

TRY IT, I’m sure you will notice a huge improvement in digestion, less bloating and your neighbours will appreciate the lack of gas passing as well 🙂


Source: Carolyn Nichol, Certified Holistic Nutrition


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