FITNESS EXPERTS WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Present Truth Fitness provides a premier online fitness & wellness solution.  Founded in 2008 by a former Professional Athlete and Certified Holistic Nutritionist,  Present Truth Fitness harmonizes plant-based nutrition, holistic living and functional fitness for realized results.  Our mission is to proactively correct, rehabilitate, strengthen, improve and inspire our clients.

We are your mobile gym solution; bringing wellness expertise, the motivation and gym to you!  We have assisted countless clients, from corporate, professionals, athletes and those committing to a healthier lifestyle change.  We deliver quality functional fitness and wellness solutions and implement targeted, corrective action for preexisting injuries and medical conditions.

We’re based out of Toronto, Canada but our reach is global!  Check out our YOUR FITNESS program where you can take advantage of our services, delivered to your mobile device, wherever you go and whenever you choose!  We look forward to working with you!  Thank you for choosing us!

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