YOUR FITNESS – Welcome to the judgment-free zone!  Experience the convenience of working out at home, at the office or wherever and whenever you want!  A personal trainer will give you the real-time edge and motivation you need, without breaking the bank.  Access your customized fitness program and wellness support on the go, anywhere in the planet, via smartphone, tablet or PC!


  • Enhance overall strength, physical endurance, mental stamina and cardio
  • The perfect mix of motivation, wellness information, tips and personalized support
  • Fresh and functional press and play workouts sent upon request
  • Never be bored, with daily, effective and unique workouts
  • Be inspired to never miss a workout again!


  • Constant Contact With Your Trainer
  • 30 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan and Live Contact With Your Nutritionist
  • General Body Composition & Progress Tracking
  • Customized Progressive workout Videos with Voice instruction
  • Participate In Challenges and Chat With Other Members
  • Access to mobile app via smartphone, tablet or PC

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